MyHappyApp – wellbeing in your own hands.

Our level of happiness affects our wellbeing. Throughout the world, studies have confirmed the link between happiness and good health. Other studies show that happiness helps us to live longer, more satisfying lives. There has also been confirmation that being able to measure the state of our emotions is an important step in improving our happiness and sense of contentment.


Yet for many people, finding happiness seems completely elusive. Their life has become a predictable, monotonous struggle to survive, so the chance of feeling good seems an unreachable goal. More people are complaining about higher levels of stress. The number of people suffering conditions such as chronic depression, cancer and fatigue disorders is on the increase. It is not a case of people no longer wanting to feel happy. They just don’t know how to break out of a depressive cycle of illness.


There are also many ways to improve our level of enjoyment in life and we have access to an increasing number of health professionals and healing modalities, which enable us to put feeling better into practice. We are generally spoiled for choice in the number of life-enhancing activities and experiences we can undertake.


However, access to health professionals, yoga classes, sporting facilities, mediation groups or counselors has a time limit on it. It is often in the darkest hours of the night, when none of these services are available, that many people experience sadness, depression, anxiety and fear. They can feel alone and helpless. It is with this very scenario in mind that MyHappyApp has been developed.


Providing an emotional lift

MyHappyApp is a fun tool anyone can use whenever they need an emotional lift. It’s designed to help people take an active role in maintaining their well-being by focusing on happiness. The Happy Meter provides an excellent starting point as it becomes a point of reference for the user. At any time of the day or night they can check out the Happy Meter to measure their level of happiness then choose a number of actions they can implement to improve their well-being.


MyHappyApp is a readily available tool, which includes a number of benefits:

  • The Happy Meter to test and measure the user’s percentage of happiness
  • Games for their enjoyment to help them relax immediately
  • Lists of things they can choose to do to lift their level of happiness
  • Blogs filled with great ideas, fun facts and things to bring a smile to their face
  • Access to health and well-being experts who can assist them
  • Instant access to tips and recommendations from experts to help them straight away
  • Access to products and services designed to improve well-being on an ongoing basis


MyHappyApp becomes part of the user’s strategy to maintain happiness and well-being. They have activities, information, and inspiration at their fingertips at any time they need. The Happy Meter gives them with a fun way to determine what works best for them. The very opportunity to choose for themselves immediately changes their focus to becoming proactive and engaged rather than being at the mercy of their feelings.


The app also provides an excellent opportunity for health professionals and practitioners to demonstrate their expertise to users by providing free information and advice designed to improve well-being. After experiencing some of the practitioner’s expertise, users can then choose to connect with these providers to take further steps towards improving their health and well-being. Providers benefit from access to an increased market while also building their reputation and level of recognition.

MyHappyApp Creator

Creator of MyHappyApp, Dean Lynch understands the importance of keeping a positive focus and making each day an opportunity to experience greater happiness. Dean is passionate about life. His philosophy is that anything can be achieved if you have hope and you are happy. He developed this positive approach after facing life-threatening illness, which impacted heavily on his professional and personal life. He is clear that his survival depended on his ability to remain positive throughout a devastating period in his life.


In 1998, Dean was facing a rare form of Leukaemia, called Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). The condition advanced to an aggressive stage and he was advised to “put his things in order” and anticipate death. The specialist team at The Alfred Hospital searched the Bone Marrow Donors Register for a match. No-one within his family and relatives were able to help. Dean’s only hope was to remain positive and take things a day at a time. During this period, Dean learned the value to choosing activities or focusing on information that improved his level of happiness. He also faced moments when he had only himself to rely upon.


Luckily for Dean, his specialist found someone in Sydney who had just registered as a bone marrow donor. The match was very close and Dean underwent a transplant that saved his life. This experience compelled Dean to assist others by improving the flow of information to anyone in the same situation or who struggles to maintain a positive approach to life. He wanted to give them the same level of confidence in their ability to create a more hopeful and happy life for themselves. He also knew that it was crucial that they have access at any time of the day.



How MyHappyApp works

The app is available to anyone wishing to test and measure the percentage of happiness they are feeling each day. Feedback is given with a “random smiley”. Users will soon be able to down load the app from www.myhappyapp.net or iTunes and immediately take the Happiness Quiz – a list of ten questions to answer by rating how each one made them feel out of 10 (1 being least happy and 10 being most happy). The app takes an average of these scores and displays them back as a percentage. The User is then provided with a list of ‘happy actions’ they can choose from which is personalised to them based on their percentage. They can complete these actions straight away or over the next few days.


The User is encouraged to log onto MyHappyApp as often as they need. Logging in over consecutive days will increase their percentage of happiness. Users will notice the difference in the way you feel over all.


Users can also choose to link to pre-approved professionals, including Life Coaches, Psychologists and Wellness Practitioners who are willing to provide support. They will be able to access free tips and information by these professionals straight away. This can help them choose if you want to make further contact with these providers. Professionals are rated by Users on their level of service through feedback the User provides each time they connect with them.


The success of MyHappyApp

This app provides support and relief to Users at the time they need it. The program links people seeking assistance with appropriate professional and service providers who have a demonstrated expertise in their field. The interactive nature of the app immediately changes the User’s focus and enables them to move to a more proactive approach. Through ongoing use, the app empowers Users to take an active role in their own well-being. By improving their level of happiness, they are improving their overall well-being.


The app is priced to be easily accessible to Users. The program provides an excellent opportunity for professionals and service providers to build their reputation with Users. Providers are charged a small fee in order to be included on the app. They are required to provide free information or activities, which are valuable to the User and which draw on the Provider’s expertise.


Further consultation or service provision is priced by the Provider and is transacted between the User and Provider. MyHappyApp does not receive any further benefit from the Provider should a User choose to access other professional services from the Provider.


The rating system is designed to provide feedback on the performance and response by the Provider as a way of maintaining a high level of value and service to Users. Terms and conditions apply to Providers and their inclusion on the app will be terminated if there is a breach of their professional agreement with MyHappyApp.


Using an iPhone and Android app enables easy access to MyHappyApp. While the app is designed to provide access to professional service providers, information and activities, the key function of the app is to foster hope in any User who chooses to use the program. The design is based on the premise that by providing hope, User’s focus changes immediately and becomes proactive in nature. They are empowered to make valuable, health-giving changes to their life. Their well-being is literally in their own hands.